Sri Santhana Gopala Mantra

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Sri Santhana Gopala Mantra

Sri Santhana Gopala Mantra can be use for pregnancy and for male child. You can use santhana gopala mantra for healthy baby to secure your baby life.

Santana a Hindi word which means baby in English. Santana is derived from the Sanskrit word Santana. We all want to get blessed with a baby in our life — all of us dreaming a beautiful family with two kids, one girl, and one boy.

A family is incomplete without kids. Kids are the main decoration of a family like a birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake; the same as a family is incomplete without children. Kids are like birthday cake.

Couples who do not have kids known as unlucky or unfortunate. Society starts blaming them; most of the time, they blame the woman for not having a child, for not giving birth to the newborn. They start calling her infertile.

But, according to science, men are the one who does not provide fertility seeds to women at the time of mating. The family who does not have children at their home feels like a lonely and empty home.

Many educated couples adopt children if they do not have ones. As we all know, technology has developed, various methods come in the market by which women can proceed for the infertility process through the scientific way.

Sri Santhana Gopala Mantra
Sri Santhana Gopala Mantra

But not all of us are neither rich nor broad-minded. People who do not have enough money for the treatment of fertility process, they avoid this treatment. People who are not broad-minded do not prefer to adopt a kid, as they want their blood will do continue their family.

Santana Gopala Mantra For Pregnancy

Santana Gopala Mantra For Pregnancy, the most beautiful stage of a woman’s life. This period equals to gem or diamond for a woman. In pregnancy, where a woman spends nine months with her baby, in her womb. She looks the most beautiful woman in her entire life with a round belly on her body.

But it is also known as one of the most sensitive stages for a woman. Where a woman has to keep her steps carefully, a single slip in phase makes you fall, which can affect your baby.

Here woman does not need to carry any heavy material, take any tension or worries, avoids traveling, eat healthy food. It does meditation regularly to relax her nerves and body, do not take the burden of much work pressure. These are the remedies which a woman need to take care during her pregnancy.

Every other woman must dream for once in her life that shortly she will have a round belly, a cute sweet family with two kids, where she called as a mother. A woman must think at least once in their life about the experience of motherhood. But some of the women envy other women as they can’t become pregnant. They feel sad for not having a kid in her bellies.

  • How to get pregnant?

Well, there are plenty of ways by which a woman can have a kid and become pregnant. Consult a doctor or adopt a kid. But apart from it, there are several mantras in our Vedic science books by which a woman can become pregnant

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva JagthPatheDeheemeyThaanayam Krishna ThwaMahamSarnamKadhaHaa Deva DevaJagannathaaGothraaVridhee KarapPrabhoDeheemeyThanayam

ShigramAyush Mendham YashaShrinam

Santana Gopala Mantra For Healthy Baby

Santana Gopala Mantra For Healthy Baby, A healthy baby equals to a cute baby. Yes, we all love cute babies. Fragile babies are also lovely, but they become malnutrition. For having a healthy baby, a woman needs to eat healthily and stay fit. But in which way?

A woman should eat green vegetables, fresh fruits. Healthy food apart from this, she must stay happy every time. It avoids worries as much as she can, relax her nerves body and mind with the help of meditation.

A woman should avoid traveling because traveling can give her jetlag and other worries, she starts feeling sick, which is not suitable for a baby. She must watch a comedy show to keep herself happy. It will good for her to laugh more often during her pregnancy

Child health is essential. Otherwise, it can affect his/her further stages shortly. A baby’s health depends upon her/his mother. More mother will stay healthy more; her baby will also remain healthy. As we all know, health is wealth; first importance should be given to the health first. If you are healthy, then only your family and work will stay healthy

  • How to keep a baby healthy

As we already discussed some critical points for a healthy baby which done through the end of her mother. Apart from such methods, there are some other ways too by which a baby will stay healthy with the help of astrological mantras

Om HrimYoginimYogineeYogeswari Yoga BhayankareeSakalaaSthavaraa

JangaMasyaMukhaaHreedayam Mama VasamAkarshaaAkarshayaaNamaha

Santana Gopala Mantra For Male Child

Santana Gopala Mantra For Male Child, Many people must dream about a male child in their home. Why a male child? Does not it feel partiality between a male and a female child? Absolutely!

When a woman does not succeed in giving birth to a male child, society starts pointing her blaming her. Because she only gives birth to a female child, and as we all know, having a female child means terrible omen.

But it does not make sense according to science. From the science point of view, this blame should impose on a man instead of a woman because man is the one whose seeds. It can decide whether to give birth to XX chromosome or XY Chromosome.

But is there any way by which a woman can give birth to a male child yes there are plenty of ideas.

Women can opt for the fertility process. It can do scientifically, or a couple can adopt a pair of kids from the orphanage as many kids in this world need love, support, and a family.

Some couples come in the pressure of society where they have to give birth to a male child. Yes, it is not possible in actual it is in the hands of nature and science too.

  • How to give birth to a male child

Chant mantras which are given in astrology to give birth to a male child:

SarvaBadhaBinirMukto Dhana DhanyaSutan Vita

Manish Tat PrasadenBhavishyatee Na Samshayah

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