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Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck
Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck or to change bad luck to good luck can be use to attract good fortune and luck. We will provide you durga mantra to remove bad luck for best result.

Bad luck indicates that everything is going wrong in life. An individual does not know about his or her ‘karma’ or deeds. But the almighty god keeps the record of the acts of every individual. According to the deeds done by an individual, his fate or the journey of life is determined.

Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck
Hindu Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

There are specific symptoms that indicate that an individual is under the influence of bad luck, which is mentioned below:

  • An individual often witnesses the loss of energy, and this disturbs the healthy work-life.
  • Trouble sleeping and nightmares are the leading indicators of having bad luck in life.
  • Continuous financial loss indicates terrible luck.
  • Some common problems may indicate the presence of bad luck. These problems may be like frustration, depression, anxiety, or fear of leaving home.
  • In the workplace, hard-working is not drawing the attention of higher authority. Due to this, an individual is not getting promotions or incentives.
  • Sometimes things are not going well not only in a committed relationship but also in marriage. This is an indication of bad luck

But if a problem exists in life, you can find a solution to the root of the problem. There are various kinds of mantras which can change bad luck to good luck. But it is tough to memorize and recite many mantras for the same purpose.

Mantra To Change Bad Luck To Good Luck

A single and effective mantra to change bad luck to good luck is enough to recite every day. If you recite such mantra daily then it can remove the malefic effects of nine planets. Such a mantra is as below:

Aadityaaya somaaya mangalaaya budhaaya cha I

Guru shukra shanibhyascha raahave-ketave namah II

But as we all know that the journey of our life is predetermined. The position of nine planets, in the horoscope chart, during birth predicts us the challenges in life.

Everyone is going to face these challenges in their life. But, among these nine planets, some planets are beneficial, and some planets are malefic, based on their placement. Nine planets always work even when the individual is sleeping.

By doing right karma or deeds, anyone can please these nine planets. Bad luck occurs due to the result of the presence of inauspicious planets in the horoscope.

Also, the bad deeds of the past life are responsible for having a  bad position of planets in the birth chart. The Vedas contain thousands of mantras to solve respective purposes, but it is tough to locate these.

Every mantra is not suitable for everyone, and it is also not good to recite any mantra without knowing its meaning. Also, the recitation of the wrong mantra can attract evil or negative energies. So it will be useful for those who recite some general mantras daily.

The above-mentioned mantra is the beej mantra of the planets, which is useful to make the destiny of life hopeful. An individual should recite this mantra at least ten times a day. This is a general mantra, and daily recitation is beneficial for those who want to change their bad luck to good luck.

Durga Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Durga Mantra To Remove Bad Luck, Often an individual can not realize what may be the possible reason for having bad luck in life.  But anyone can turn his or her bad luck into good luck with the blessings of the almighty. Recitation of the Durga mantra to remove bad luck is very much helpful for those who want to destroy their bad deeds.

According to Hindu mythology, Durga Devi killed a demon whose name was Mahisasoor. According to that, the demon Mahisasoor is the symbol of the bad deeds of our past life or present life. To get blessings of goddess Durga, recitation of Durga Saptsati or Chandipaath, Siddha Kunjika Stotram, and Mahisasurmardini Stotram are very much helpful.

The whole book is not easy to read daily, as it contains a large number of shlokas. These shlokas are very much time-consuming to read every day but there are some effective mantras of the Durga Saptsati book. They are handy for daily recitation, as these are very easy to remember. Such a mantra, which is beneficial for everyone, is as below:

Dev Danav Siddhaug Pujita Parameswari I

Puranu  Rupa Parama, Partantra Binashini, OM II

Meaning of the above mantra is as below:

The gods worship the Goddess of which the demons are afraid. May she destroys all evil deeds and negative energies. May she purifies the soul of everybody.

A pure mind is necessary to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. The meaning of the mantra is helpful. The purpose of a mantra helps a devotee to connect with the supreme power.

Mantra To Attract Good Fortune And Luck

Mantra To Attract Good Fortune And Luck, Only placement or position of nine planets in the birth or horoscope chart is not responsible for having bad luck in life. Even if your planets are in the right place, sometimes you cannot avoid bad luck as it is connected with your deeds.

There are many old mantras, which are helpful for attracting good luck. If you chant these mantras daily with a pure and concentrated mind, these mantras will certainly show effect. It is a belief that recitation of mantras with clear pronunciation, generates a kind of positive vibration in the body.

This vibration is beneficial for the activation of the chakras in the body. This not only purifies the soul but also the mind. Individuals who recite mantras with clear pronunciation not only attract positive energy towards them but also can activate the chakras in their bodies. Recitation of a single mantra to attract good fortune and good luck is enough for the removal of bad luck and negative energies from life.

You can not only minimize the ill effect of your evil deeds with the blessing of Lord Vishnu but also can walk on the path of ‘Moksha.’

All the good things go to Lord Vishnu, and all the auspiciousness is for the one who has Garuda Sign in his flag. All the good deeds of life reach to one who has beautiful eyes like the lotus flower. May the blessings of the supreme lord purifies the soul and shows the right direction in life. HARI OM.

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