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Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless
Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless

Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless

Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless can be use to shut mouth of enemy and control your enemy. You can use our mantra to remove enemy from your life for enjoy tension free time.

Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless
Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless

We all have different kinds of enemies. Some of them have external enemies, whereas some have internal enemies.

  • What is the Enemy?

An enemy is a person or other than a human being, which is not suitable for our life. An enemy can destroy your life and others life who related to you.

It is not good to make enemies because whether they can kill you or they can kill you in actual. Internal Enemies, We have some domestic enemies who are as follows:

  1. Fear
  2. Anger
  3. Jealousy
  4. Tensions
  5. Disputes
  6. Sorrow
  7. Depression
  8. Attitude

And there are some more internal enemies too. These inner enemies are also known as Bad Qualities in a Human. External Enemies, we have some foreign enemies who are as follows:

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Relative
  4. Neighbors
  5. Parents
  6. Siblings
  7. In-Laws
  8. Debtors
  9. Strangers

And many more other External Enemies. These external enemies are the people around us. With these enemies, we have some cases of disputes, conflicts, quarrels, jealousy.

Nowadays, you must have at least a single enemy in your life. It is possible that from your end, he/she is your friend or relative, but from his or her term, you are an enemy for him or her.

We don’t want to make enemies in our life because they are the most dangerous creatures that exist on this earth. In Astrology or Horoscope,

we have various mantras and remedies by which you can make your enemies powerless. If you make your enemies helpless, then there are fewer chances of any attack from their end.

Mantra To Shut Mouth Of Enemy

Mantra To Shut Mouth Of Enemy, Are you get tired of your enemies attacks? Do you want to shut the mouth of your enemies? Were you afraid of the next step of your enemy? Do you live in fear from the next attack of your enemy?

Then today we are going to let you know about some basic and powerful mantras by which you can shut your enemy mouth. One of the first attacks that enemy do is spreading fake rumors about you. This rumor creates a negative image of yours in the market, and your goodwill and reputation will go ruined.

  • How to handle enemy mouth?

A lot of options by which you can shut your enemies mouth by threatening him by lodging a report against him/her in the nearest police station.

There are times when these above-given solutions will also not work. Then at that time, what a person can do? So today we are going to tell you only those solutions which are apart from the above ones.

  • Mantra:

Om HreemShreemKhetal Veer ChausathJogniPratihaar Mam Shatru Na AmukasyaMukh Bandhan Kuru KuruSwaha.

Perform this mantra for 1,000 times a day until you will see a positive result. Procedure Take a dia, put some ghee (clarified butter) in it, and then light it.

Add some honey in the fire of the dia. While offering the dia, chant the mantras along with it. Then take four long iron nails. Chant the mantra and bury them in the ground.

Mantra To Remove Enemy From Your Life

Mantra To Remove Enemy From Your Life, You tired of your enemies and want to rid of them? Are you also scared of your enemies and their attacks?

Do you want to remove and finish all those enemies or negative persons from your life? Then you are in the right place. You are reading the right article for your protection from those negative persons and enemies in your life.

How to remove these negative persons or enemies from your life and protect yourself? Well, today we are going to mention you mantras about your enemies.

You can delete all the enemies and negative persons from your life by using them. These mantras are very simple and easy to perform, and their result will. In Astrology or Hindu Mythology, we have a solution for everything.

There are various remedies, mantras, prayers that mention in our Hindu cultural books, Vedas, and Puranas. And today we are going to tell you about some of them. We are going to discuss mantras from our Hindu Mythology books by which you can remove any enemy from your life.

  • Mantras:

Kali Mantra:

||Om Visvaaya Naam Gandharvani Nami, LasatriniTasmaiViswashayeSwaha||

Recite this mantra for 1,000 times for 21 days when you get mastery or siddhi in tantra magic. Only then you will able to destroy or remove your magic after reciting it only for 108 times.

Mantra To Control Enemy

Mantra To Control Enemy, Do you want to control your enemies within a blink of the eye? Do you want to do some Vashikaran magic on the person who is spreading negativity in your life? Though Vashikaran mantra is very strong, powerful, and capable. We still request you to perform this Vashikaran mantra for a good deed or purpose.

Do not try this mantra for your evil use or acts. Vashikaran mantra used to control your lover or the person you love the most or your desired person.

But it can use for anyone to get a control on anyone else, whether it is your family Vmembe. Or a stranger. You can use it on anyone else; it is up to you, but please use this Vashikaran mantra for a good motive.

  • Mantras for Vashikaran

You need to perform this simple and straightforward mantra. This mantra will give an excellent, effective result, which will not disappoint you.

Here are some mantras by which you can control your enemy’s body or brain.

  • Mantra

||“Om Purva Kapimukhay Punchmukh Durgay Tam Tam TamTam Tam Sakal Shatru Sanjarnay Swaha.”||

Before performing this mantra, you will need the guidance of expert astrology. It is not easy to control your enemy with this mantra, so play it under expert surveillance.

Easy Mantra To Destroy Enemy

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