Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Problems

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Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Problems

Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Problems, Life is a very complicated phenomenon. They say WE make it complicated. That is apt in quotes only. In reality, many times, you don’t have control over many things.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to do things that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. and Sometimes you regret your actions; sometimes your controversial actions are based on bizarre rationalization. Therefore you don’t feel any remorse.

All in all, life is not a straight line, and it is not one dimensional or not even two dimensional. It has multiple dimensions with multiple types of things influencing it, shaping it. One of such things is extramarital affairs. Sometimes you find your spouse committing infidelity.

Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Problems
Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Problems

Or some times you see yourself into the position of attempting something which your spouse would not appreciate. And that attempt could be of getting closer to opposite gender person more than a married person is supposed to go.

Either way, it is a bit complicated. When your spouse is cheating on you, you see yourself into the dilemma of whether to destroy your marriage and family or continue with someone who shattered your trust. You have to choose which is less harmful. And try to soothe the sorrow or awkwardness of your choice.

Remedies for husband extra marital affairs

Whereas if you find yourself into the position of the guilty of infidelity, then you don’t know what to do. There are more complications than you can confide anybody. And that’s where you can use astrological remedies for extramarital problems.

It is fantastic to know, astrological remedies for extramarital problems do wonders for people. There have been many couples (or individuals, for that matter) who used these remedies and now are leading a happier life.

If you are the guilty one, sprinkle water in your home. This water is not ordinary water. Infuse tulsi leaves in it for at least 3 hours. Tulsi helps to make the environment and over decorum of your house pious. And keeps evil things and desire away from all the family members.

If you are the male having an extramarital affair, then you are reading the right article. You can use one of the following astrological remedies for extramarital problems.

You can perform this technique when you are sleeping with your spouse in your home. A term of ‘being in your home’ is crucial. Because that is where you can have a possible quarrel with your spouse, that is where your life could get difficult while living together with your spouse. Now as she is sleeping, wait till the time of 01:01 am. This night has to have a full moon. As she is asleep, cut her three hair. Only three are sufficient.

Now take this hair and keep them in a leaf of pippala tree. And you have to carry this leaf with you, whenever you step outside of your home. This small packet will help you to cope up with the problems that you are facing now. It will relieve your stress.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Extra Marital Affair

This is what astrologers call as a power of love. Love of your wife itself would come for your rescue. That would happen without her knowing that. It will empower you to deal with all those complications you have built. It would also reduce your desire to go out looking for external pleasure sources. This is one of those astrological remedies which would also create a repulsive force between you and extramarital attractions.

Another remedy that you can use very simple. You have to buy a saree for your wife. You need to make the purchase and carry it to ram mandir. Find any ram mandir you can visit. Sit there and chant this mantra 108 times:

‘Aham prahami praytetyi tvam

Charami pratyehi ghurum karishye

Charitam hitam karu tvam

Charami itam idham parish.’

Do not forget to ring the bell. Also, pay your devotions to Bhagwan Laxman. Take blessings from lord hanuman. Have the Prashad from pandit ji from the temple. Apply kumkum from the temple on the saree. Take this saree to your wife at home. And gift her at 08:08 pm.

This particular time in the day is considered very special for a married couple. According to astrological scholars, this is the time which helps to strengthen the bond of love between spouses.

This is one of those astrological remedies for extramarital problems, that would intensity your wife’s love towards you, which would help you in a way if she finds something about you which she wouldn’t appreciate. It soothes the impact of wrong happenings. Also, it involves you more with your spouse.

Lord ram is known for his loyalty. According to our Vedas, he is an ideal husband. Taking his blessings as a married man would improve your married life. This mantra mentioned above is a vashikaran mantra. Vashikaran of your wife. Which would create a positive bias in her mind about you? So no matter what you do, she wouldn’t go away from you.

Astrological Remedies For Extramarital Affairs

If you are female who found out about your husband cheating on you, then this is one of those astrological remedies for extramarital problems that you can use. You have to perform a haven at your home. You don’t have to let your husband know about this pooja.

It is better to be kept by him. In hawan kunda (the container in which the hawan vidhi is performed), Put 11 tulsi sticks, 11 peepal tree sticks, one tulsi leaf, two pudina sticks and a quarter kg of ghee. Perform this hawan chatting following mantra for 69 times.

‘Kum dum pavan mahantm rati

Kevaditam triguna rahitam nammi gati

Ke valam dhyaan de murtim

Tam namami aham so mati.’

The fumes from the hawan kund are believed to make the home purer. It keeps evil minds, people and desires away from your home. It brings the people, especially your spouse closer. This helps to create an overall aura of intense emotional connection among all family members.

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