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Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems
Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems

Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems

Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems or reasons for delay in marriage as per astrology is a type of mantra to remove delay in marriage. We will provide you astrological remedies for late marriage.

Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems
Remedies For Delayed Marriage Problems

The astrological planets and their movements at the time of a person’s birth can delay marriage. Hence, you should try the remedies for delayed marriage problems.

In this regard, consider these remedies;

  • A girl should fast on 16 consecutive Mondays. She should also offer Jal Abhishek with pure water to Shivalinga. Again, she can pour milk on Lord Shiva. Next, she should dress up as Mata Parvati. Then, she should tie the knot between Shiva and Parvati. Finally, she should pray for early marriage.
  • Take a bath from water mixed with a pinch of turmeric. Also, do it whenever possible. This is one of the easiest and effective remedies for late marriages.
  • Moreover, sit in a quiet room and face East direction. You should then recite the time-tested mantra for 108 times. However, you should do it daily.
  • Again, you can recite Gauri-Shankar mantra and Chaupai of Saint Tulsidas, each for 108 times. Recite them daily till you achieve a positive outcome.
  • Furthermore, do this remedy on a Thursday. Put seven betel nuts, seven janeu, seven turmeric knots, seven jaggery pieces, seven brass pieces, seven yellow flowers and one fistful of gram pulse in a yellow cloth. Now, pray to MahaGauri. After marriage, throw the bundle in a river.
  • Again, perform aarti with water in a copper utensil. Do this with one lighted lamp for seven times. Now, chant DurgaSaptshati mantra for 108 times.

Therefore, you should faithfully adopt remedies for delayed marriage problems.

Reasons For Delay In Marriage As Per Astrology

Reasons For Delay In Marriage As Per Astrology, There can be many reasons for the delay in marriage as per astrology. The 7th house and Venus (male) and Jupiter (female) depict marriage, love, and friendship. Their malfunctioning leads to late marriages.

Here are some of the reasons;

  • The planets are positioned in either 8th or 12th house in your birth chart. Moreover, if they are malefic, they create mangal and graham doshas. These, in turn, cause a delay. Therefore, you should go for kundali matching before marriage.
  • Again, there is an imbalance in the two astrological elements of fire and air. Besides, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are cruel planets. They are present in your 7th Hence, you will suffer from delayed marriage.
  • Moreover, Saturn connects to the 7th lord, the 7th house, and Venus. Since Saturn is a great teacher, it is delaying the marriage to teach you a lesson. However, the association of benefic planets can improve the situation.
  • Also, the Sun can be a decisive planet. It can link itself to the 7th lord of the 7th house. Moreover, the Sun is responsible for divorce and extra-marital affairs. This will lead to delayed and unhappy marriage. Nevertheless, if it is Vargattami, it will lead to timely marriage.
  • If Mars is malefic and connected to marriage-related houses, it will cause late marriages. Again, it aspects the 7th house or is in combination with Venus.

Therefore, you should try several remedies to overcome reasons for the delay in marriage as per astrology.

Mantra To Remove Delay in Marriage

Mantra To Remove Delay in Marriage, You can recite the powerful Hindu mantra to remove the delay in marriage. Moreover, it leads to a long-lasting and happy married life.

Accordingly, learn these mantras;

  • Katyayani mantra is an effective mantra to remove all the negative influences delaying your marriage. You have to use red sandalwood rosary for chanting. Wear red clothes and sit on red asana. Now, offer red flowers to the deity.
  • You can also recite Swayamvara Parvathi It removes all the known and unknown obstacles in your marriage. Make a Sankalpa by doing japa for 1008 times a day for 108 days. Now, offer the Goddess lamp, incense, flowers, fruits, food, and betel leaves. Then, do aarti and puja daily for 2 hours.
  • Furthermore, recite Ganesha mantra for 108 times in the morning. Do it daily until you fulfill your wishes. However, before reciting take an early morning bath. Wear neat and loose dress. Now, sit in the North direction. Finally, start your prayer.
  • Next, on a Friday, wake up early. Then, feed bread, jaggery, and wet gram pulse to a cow. Now, flow five turmeric knots in a nearby pond. Repeat this activity for five consecutive Fridays.
  • You can also worship Maa Bhagwati daily with a strict routine. However, first, do the mantra japa for 3-5 times with a tulsi mala. Also, wear a pukrajh (6-7 Ratti) ring in gold or silver on a Friday after 11.30 a.m.

Therefore, you should try the mantra to remove delay in marriage.

Astrological Remedies For Late Marriage

Astrological Remedies For Late Marriage, Delay in marriage can be distressing. Hence, you should faithfully observe astrological remedies for late marriage. They effectively remove the malfunctioning combinations.

As such, consider these remedies;

  • During an auspicious time, bring the root of a banana tree. Worship it to energize it. Later, wrap it in a yellow cloth. Finally, keep it with you.
  • You can also recite any suitable mantra to cure the delay. Recite it for 108 times every morning, after taking a bath. Even, sit in a quiet place and face the east direction.
  • Also, worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together. It will strengthen your 7th house from the sun and the moon. Besides, keep an image under your mattress. You can also recite Gauri Shankar mantra and wear a rudraksha, tied with a red thread.
  • Another remedy is to improve your malfunctioning Mercury. For this, offer little girls, sweets, clothes, and cosmetics. They can be from your home and your neighborhood.
  • Place Lord Ganesha under a Neem tree. Now, offer him five earthen lamps with oil. Also, perform sacred bathing with turmeric water. Recite Ganesha mantra for 108 times in the morning. This relieves you from the retrograde planets, situated in your 7th, 8th, and 12th
  • If you are between 25-30 years of age, you should wear yellow clothes on Thursdays. Also, offer Shivalinga milk and water every Monday morning. Meanwhile, chant a Shiva mantra for 108 times.

Therefore, you should adopt astrological remedies for late marriage.

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