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Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy
Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy

Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy

Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy and to finish enemies can be use to shut mouth of enemy. If you dont want to kill your enemies but want to hard then use our mantra to paralyse enemies.

You probably understand that at every step of our lives, we face some situations that demand our utmost attention. No matter how good a person you are and irrespective of how much you help others; your enemies would still try to destroy you.

Maybe some of your friends had turned into foes because of a personal grudge. Or perhaps some people cannot tolerate your success. In both of these circumstances, you are exposed to get hurt. In many cases, your enemy would want to destroy your happiness, and that would satisfy their desire.

Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy
Mantra To Control Mind of Enemy

There are real-life examples when one of your enemies might want to put a barrier in your way to success. Such examples are evident in workplaces and also educational environments. If you are among those bright students who always top the results.

The chances are high that your potential enemy would try to degrade your performance. In this case, they would try to play mind games with you. They would attempt to break your morale and shatter your dreams. What can you do in such a situation? Well, astrology has answers to your doubts.

The Mantra to control the mind of an enemy can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. But how do they work? To get hold of the effective Mantra to control the mind of the enemy, you need to visit the chamber of any reliable astrologer. His years of experience, along with his conscience, would you to get rid of any potential danger.

Mantra To Finish Enemies

Mantra To Finish Enemies, It is of utmost importance to eliminate enemies from your life to become successful. Your peace of mind is highly dependent on how much fewer enemies you have.

Now, you might wonder why you have so many enemies when you never intend to hurt anyone. On the other hand, you never lose an opportunity to help others. Amidst such situations, how can some people hate you so much that they would wish to destroy you? Well, such an incident cannot be controlled, and you have to deal with it.

With the help of the Mantra to finish enemies, you can potentially bring an end to your struggle. The Mantra to finish enemies is a secret code embedded into the Shastras.

The reputed astrologers are well aware of the mantras and can help you in the best manner. To perform the Mantra to finish enemies effectively, you would require these following ingredients:

  • A photograph of your enemy
  • Three red candles
  • Rainwater
  • Milk
  • Mangoes

Once you get hold of all the materials mentioned above, it is time to perform the desired ritual in the right manner. For this, we recommend that you consult with a reputed and respectable astrologer who has been dealing with such instances for long.

Under his useful guidance, you can appropriately perform the ritual. Remember that being unable to follow the desired ritual can lead to personal harms. We believe you wouldn’t want that.

Mantra To Shut The Mouth of The Enemy

Mantra To Shut The Mouth of The Enemy, Sometimes it might occur that your enemy would attempt to harm your reputation by spreading false blames against your name. When you are a respectable part of society, your reputation means a lot to you.

In such a situation, if your enemy tries to destroy your goodwill, you must take appropriate actions to keep his mouth shut. For instance, you can seek refuge in the Mantra to shut the mouth of the enemy.

There are multiple sets of Mantra to shut the mouth of enemy available in the Indian astrology textbooks. However, it is important that you only seek assistance from the experienced astrologers who can do the task on your behalf, or else who can assist you in correctly performing the ritual.

For performing the Mantra to shut the mouth of the enemy, you would require the same ingredients as mentioned in the above section. Along with that, you will need the following:

  • A strand of your enemy’s hair
  • Piece of Paper and Pen

Now, once you get hold of these items, follow the below-mentioned instructions for getting the best possible results:

  • Write down your enemy’s name on that piece of paper.
  • Make sure that you fold the paper into seven-folds while reciting the enemy’s name during the folding process.
  • Now, it’s time to secure the piece of paper using a twine
  • Then, you should place the mango, milk, and the container consisting of rainwater in a row.
  • Put candles in the empty spaces between the items mentioned above.
  • Start lighting up the candles one by one and keep on reciting your enemy’s name.

To experience the best possible results, you must consider practicing this ritual for three days continuously. On completion of this ritual, you should be able to see some impressive results.

Mantra To Paralyze Enemies

Mantra To Paralyze Enemies, Some enemies are mild while others bring about massive negative vibes to your life. Depending upon the dangers they threaten you with, your life can experience some tremendous damage; if you don’t take control of the situation.

There is instances when you have no option than to destroy your enemy. For that reason, a lot of people consider the Mantra to paralyze enemies to be kind of a Brahmashtra for those seeking shelter from the wrath of their enemies.

The best Mantra to paralyze enemies is the Bagalamukhi Mantra. However, reciting the same without following some guidelines should not bring you the results you desire. There is a procedure for everything, and you must adhere to the Vedic rules for being successful in your quest of paralyzing your enemy.

  • To make the process successful, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below:
  • Get hold of a Haldi Mala and along with Peet pushp, Peet Vastra, and Peet Aasan.
  • You must recite the Bagalamukhi mantra no less than 1,25,000 times while counting the same number on the rosary beads (in the form of Haldi Mala).

Remember that while practicing this ritual, you should not intake any non-vegetarian food.  Besides, you must also remember that the best time for performing this ritual is after midnight or on any Pavitra Tithi.

Consulting an astrologer would help you in deciding the perfect time for doing so. We believe the procedures mentioned above will destroy all your enemies. If you have any other astrological queries, reach out to us.

Easy Mantra To Destroy Enemy

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