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Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy
Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy

Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy

Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy can be use to remove negative thoughts and to remove negative energy from home. Our negative energy removal mantra will remove whole negative energy from your life.

Negative energy, which means the presence of someone other than you and your family in your home. Negative energy knows by various names such as Ghost, Witch, Satan, Update Chakkar. These negative energies can happen to anyone; sometimes, it does not live at your home, but they start in your body.

Negative energy is one of the dangerous things existing on this earth. Once you can fight with a terrorist because you can kill them with a single shot of a bullet, you can’t kill negative energies as they are already dead. You can fight with a living being, but you can’t compete with a dead one.

Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy
Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy

Once they get stick to you, it is almost impossible to remove them. Homes, where the disputes happen in many daily, have negative energy at their home. Negative energy makes everything harmful they try to create worst to worst situations for you. Negative energy resides where the houses are ancient and deserted. Where accidents happened in the past, in the graveyard or crematorium, at the hospitals, it means where the death occurred in the past or the place related to the dyed ones.

A kind soul may not harm you, but a lousy soul will try to harm you, to scare you, to destroy you, and most of them, you also die like them. There are other cases too when your enemy does black magic over you, and at your home, this black magic is the invitation of the negative energies.

Mantra To Remove Negative Thoughts

Mantra To Remove Negative Thoughts, Our thoughts also have negative energy. Which means negativity in our thoughts. People who always think negative, negative things happen to them. There is a phrase “Be Positive,”

which means ever think positive, then only positive things come to your way. If you are not able to think positive and negative thoughts always strike in your mind, then stay neutral. Being neutral is the only option to get rid of negative thoughts.

Yes, you may hear it from the people around you- “if you can’t think positive then do not think about for negative as well, stay neutral.”. If you can’t keep yourself from thinking negative, then try to keep yourself neutral, so at least indifferent things happen to you.

  • How to get rid of negativity?

Well first try to get surrounded yourself with positive vibes. Chant om in the early morning, play Gayatri Mantra or Om Sound at your home in speaker, so that the soothing sound of the mantras will make you calm and give peace.

Offer a prayer to the god, visit the temple, place an idol of you favor god or goddess. Read books, read about spirituality, attend spirituality classes or lessons.

There are other ways too apart from the one as mentioned above. In astrology, some mantras have said by our saints by which one can cure his negative thoughts and bring positivity in his life.

SurvarnamMuktam Loke Bhakti Mukti PradamTatham, Apritam Tav Devesh DaniyarGyanaPanuttye.” Spell this mantra for 108 times in a day and wear gold on your body.

Negative Energy Removal Mantra

Negative Energy Removal Mantra, Keep your ambiance negativity free. Fill the positivity in the atmosphere. Get surrounded yourself with positive vibes, not with negative vibes. The good things happen to those who do good deeds or karmas.

Try to make your karmas enjoyable, not the bad ones; otherwise, you will stay with the negative energies to your whole life. But some innocent people also become the prey of this negative energy.

In India, it believed that most of the black magic occurs near to the Diwali and Holi festivals. People do black magic over the middle of the road where the road gets divided into four directions it is also known as Chauraha. Our family also taught us to keep your eye on the road do not cross the way over the churches, do not place your feet over the coconut or lemon green chilies.

Even we also taught that do not enter into the graveyards or crematorium. Do not go to the hospital where they keep the dead bodies. The banyan tree because in Hindu mythology it believed it is the home of negative energy, do not enter the houses which deserted and destroyed. It thought negative energies live.

  • How to get rid of negative energies?

Try not to do or visit the places mentioned above because your family or parents are not always taught you false things. This energy is the reality of life if life exists on this earth then died too. Chant this hanuman mantra to get rid of from all the negative energies in your life if you ever feel them or read Hanuman Chalisa.


Shree Ram Dootaayanamaha”

Mantra To Remove Negative Energy From Home

Mantra To Remove Negative Energy From Home, Have you ever felt the presence of something strange in your home, an existence other than you and your family members? Which not seen through naked eyes, but you can feel it. Have you experiencing daily disputes, arguments, quarrels, fight at your home, which destroys your home.

Have you ever felt strange at your home? You have seen anything appears in front of your eyes then within a blink of an eye, it disappears? If you have faced any of the things as mentioned above, then it means some negative energies are residing at your home. We know that now you feel a little scared but don’t worry, we have a solution for it.

  • How to make your negative home energy free?

Due to some various cases such as the death of someone in the past at your home. An accident happens to someone in the past at your home. You bring negative energy, or any other person brings it without their knowledge.

The main and the last it occurs because someone performs black magic at your home, most it would have your enemy. We are going to describe some of the mantras down below, recite them and make your home free from negativity.

Om Sat Chit Ananda Para


ParAmatma Sri BhagirathiSametha

Sri BhagavatheNamaha.

“Hang Hanumate RudraAtmakaay

Hung Phatt.”

“Om NamoBhagavataAnjaneya



Shree Ram DootaayaNamah”

Mantra To Make Enemy Powerless


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