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Totka For Winning Lottery
Totka For Winning Lottery

Totka For Winning Lottery

Totka For Winning Lottery, Who does not want to get wealthy? Everyone does. And not everyone wants to make hard work to earn money. So is there no way to earn money through some shortcuts? It is possible. But most of those are precarious ways.

So what to do? How to assure that you can make money? That too without any risk and with assurance? Here comes the concept of the lottery. The lottery is one way through which money can be obtained. The lottery can be used without any significant risk also. But there is no guarantee about whether you are going to win or not.

Totka For Winning Lottery
Totka For Winning Lottery

So what can be done to make sure that you will get the lottery? Because without assurance that you are going to win, it is not very wise to rely on the lottery. So the first step to choose your shortcut is that you have to make sure that you will win. But how actually? Well here comes the alternative. Outside the conventional ways, there are mantras to make sure that you win.

There are various mantras which we will include in this article. Totkas to win lottery and procedures will also be documented. Below down are some of the ways through which you can make sure that you win the lottery.

Consult with a lucky number specialist :

A person who can tell you about your lucky number is called a Lucky number specialist. He or she can calculate the planetary positions and others to predict you’re a lucky number for you. It is believed in astrology that the kundi or horoscope is different for every person. It differs based on their dates of birth and their planetary position.

What the astrologers and numerologists can do is to calculate the horoscope to match it with a lucky number. This lucky number can help you win a big jackpot. Several experienced tantriks and gurus can figure this for you. SO you can consult any one of them to make sure that you will win.

Tips for winning lottery numbers- Lottery number specialists :

Besides the lucky number of specialists, there are also people known as lottery number specialists. Unlike the hopeful number specialists, the latter one focuses on only the lottery number. While the earlier one can predict any amount for you. The astrologers have the power to predict the future.

The astrologer can analyze your horoscope to give you the best possible names. And they can also provide the best possible colors for you. Someone who uses his or her knowledge like Vedic astrology, numerology to predict a lucky number is called a lottery number specialist astrologer. These people are very famous in India.

Mantra To Win Lottery

There are considerable beliefs in astrology among the Indians that these people can successfully predict numbers which will help the win. There are various people and various services available today for people who want to avail these services.

Those people will assist you in winning the lottery in multiple ways. These people can help you generally win by analyzing your horoscope and by assisting you in the lottery or gambling. They will successfully match your planetary positions. And use this number to give an advantage to your cause so that you can win.

They will provide a lucky number to you. And then all you have to do is to go and buy a lottery matching that number. Once it’s done, you can be pretty much sure that the chances of you winning the lottery has gone up. So consult with a specialist as soon as you can.

The Navnath Shabar Mantra for winning lottery :

The recitation of the navnathshabar mantra is very promising in raising your chances to win.

| | Uttar virajekedanathnamko raja |

HaadikShasha peer kirayepooja |

Shashasheemakkamadinake peer |

Kaahe aye hindukemandir |

Aapnanaamrakho to amukkojoldichodda ||

Mantra To Win Lottery Jackpot & Gambling

First, you must take five flowers. The five bulbs can be of any kind. Now start by applying sindoor on every one of them. Take a small piece of jaggery. Now place the jaggery next to the flowers. Keep those flowers next to the jaggery for a while.

Now chant the mantra. The remodeled time to chant this mantra is 27 times. Chant the mantra 27 times. Remember that you have to shout the mantras while looking at the flowers. After it is done, immerse the flowers.

Immerse both the flowers and jaggery into flowing water. Do all these steps with a clear conscience. And believe that it will work. And also keep in mind that you have to do all these while thinking about the intended result. Then only you can achieve the intended aim.

The Baglamukhiyantra:

Baglamukhiyantra is a very famous mantra.

“Om HleemBagalaamukhiSarvadushtaanaamVaachamMukham

PadamStambhayJihvaamKeelay Buddhism VinaashaayHring Om Swaha”

Totka/Mantra To Win Lottery Fast

You have to Pray for the victory and then write the Bagalamukhiyantra on a thing called bhojpatra. IT has to be done with an ashwagandha and also on a Tuesday. This mantra must be written on either steel or copper plates. It is a hugely useful and successful mantra which has the maximum power that is created from Mars.

You can pray to it by using dhoops or agarbatti to the yantra after the puja takes the 250 gms of kheer that was used and feeds it to mice. You will have to make sure that they are eating it. After that, you can wear the yantra as a kabaj in your right arm.

Baglamukhi Mantra To Win Court Case

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