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Simple Totke To Control Husband
Simple Totke To Control Husband

Simple Totke To Control Husband

Simple Totke To Control Husband is best vashikaran totke that use blood to control husband. We are using powerful lal kitab totke for maximum effect to control your husband.

Out ancient scholars have helped us a lot by writing many amazing remedies for the multiple issues that we face in our day to day life. Recently at an excavation site 10 km away from mohenjo daro, they found pots with written something on them.

Simple Totke To Control Husband
Simple Totke To Control Husband

Scientists sent these pots to the language experts who then further tried to decode what was written on these earthen pots almost 50 thousand years ago. A private astrological institute was funding this excavation that is why all the information was not made public about the findings of this excavation.

The finding of these excavations was mainly to help women in our society to deal with a widespread problem, and that is to control their husband. There were simple totke to control husband. In our culture, males have always had a massive power against females. Sometimes, it also happens that males commit wrong things and still feel no remorse or can get away with it.

At such times there has to be something that can help women to make things right for them The totkes were simple, but as these are simple secret totke to control husband, they had many remedies that are new to many of the people.

For example: in one totka that was written on one of those pots was, women should keep as much of the money hidden in their blouse and then later hand it over to her husband whenever he needs it. In our culture, husbands earn money and hand it over to her wife. The place to keep the money was associated with women’s attraction and her influencing power.

Vashikaran Totke To Control Husband

One more totaka was very long, but astrological scholars say it is beneficial. It is one of the most potent vashikaran totke to control husband. It says women should go and visit ma Chandi temple every two days. First of all, while the woman is walking towards the temple, she should not wear any footwear. While coming back, she can wear footwear. But she has to make sure all the time she has her saree pallu over her hair.

First of all, she has to carry the pooja thali from her home to the temple. Ma Chandi should always get kumkum, coconut, one-fourth kg of rice and lemon. Woman, as she enters the temple, should cut the lemon in proper half. She has to carry a clean and washed cloth with her on which she would sit.

Furthermore, while sitting in the temple, she should make sure, while seating she should not let her body or her body cloth to touch the floor. She has to rest entirely on the washed fabric that she has brought with her. Later while sitting, she has to lick the lemon with her tongue. There is a proper method to eat lemon in ma Chandi temple. A woman has to pull her tongue out and touch the lemon. Sucking the juice of the lemon is prohibited.

Above all, such type of vashikaran totke to control husband require real dedication. Do not rub the lemon on your tongue. You should keep your head and lemon steady and then lick the lemon by moving only your tongue.

Blood Totke To Control Husband

There is a thing in astrology to which we call blood totke to control husband. This is an amazingly powerful technique to make the husband do what you want him to do. It has word blood in it because a woman uses their menstrual blood to influence their husband.

The menstrual cycle is a strong sign of feminity. And this feminine power can affect a man up to a maximum extent. Without a woman, man is nothing. Man has his importance because of the existence of a woman.

What woman has to do is, she has to collect at least a few drops of her menstrual blood in an earthen pot. You should keep this pot 10 meters away from the backside of your home. The direction has to be north-west. Cover this pot with a black cloth. Keep the container as it is for five days. After five days, the blood would get dry.

Now you have to wear green saree and carry this pot to the matarani temple. You have to gather some sticks of the banyan tree and keep them at a distance of 50 meters from mata rani temple. You have to do it at the back of the temple.

Ignite the sticks. Make sure all the sticks are burning. When you feel this is the peak time, throw the pot in the fire in such a way that it would break being inside the fire. This is one of the most fantastic blood totke to control husband. It is simple, but you will see the result within two weeks.

Lal Kitab Totke To Control Husband

Using lal Kitab totke to control husband is one of the most efficient manners to handle such type of problems. Many girls face issue in managing their husband. Most of the times their husbands don’t listen to them.

He might show some partial behavior towards his parents, mistreating the bride. Also, some girls are unlucky to see that their husband is having an extramarital affair. And they feel helpless and depressed. For such situations, lal Kitab totke to control husband can be very useful.

This is a vashikaran mantra which you should use:

‘Vahami kuru shbhyante

Namo kaam virajate

Namami sav shubahnte

Bhujo bhagne shakar bukaha’

First of all, you have written it on a white color paper with red ink. And keep it inside a small red cloth. If that cloth is the one that you used earlier, then it is well and good because it will have more power because of your influence it. It could be your old red dupatta or a red saree. Make sure the cloth isplain and do not have any design on it.

You have to also put a white color stone inside of the cloth along with the paper. Make sure you wash the stone correctly, and there is no soil particle on it. You have to bury it at the back of ambe mata temple.

You have to perform it with proper sindoor and a red color saree. Furthermore, don’t forget to cover your head with your saree pallu. As a result, you will succeed in your aim within 12 days.

Vashikaran Mantra For Husband

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